Mysql Max Info?



Hey There,

Was just wondering if mysql has like a maximum limit of how much can be stored in one table. Like for example i have a table now that has 41,000 rows and is over 7mb. Should i be concerned that it might reach a certain size or whatnot and wont be able to work anymore?

I mainly ask this, cause on one of my sites i have a db table for all comments posted on a site. So it stores comments for member guestbooks, blogs, pictures etc.. so basically anything that has to do with commenting something on the site goes into this db. I was thinking of spliting it up the db and create a table for each category of comments. But if mysql has no probems with size and how many rows it can store that i wont have to go and do that. Any info on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks again you guys :D
Up to my knowledge there should not be any limitation on the maximum records a table can have.

I myself have a table with around 85000 record. Table store the session table of every visitor coming to the site and no wonder table is working fine.