MySQL server problem



i don't know what is MySQL server?Is it the same with the mean of 'server' or just a name to call another server connected by MySQL?

I use MySQL administrator.For the first time,what is User_name and password?In configure-service mode,in the "server status",i can't see anything server showed,what can i do?
MySQL SErver is a database engine... you need to install it first before trying to connect to it with mysql administrator... mysql administrator is an administration toll that lets you edit the settings of the mysql database engine... for more information please visit
i think i've installed it from my "PHP & MySQL" CD,is it MySQL server?
i've installed MySQL server,but have the same problem,
"can't connect to Mysql server"!!!
serverhost: localhost
port :3306
the 'server status' is grey
try reinstalling many times,but nothing better
you must have installed the MySQL Server... but probably it is not running...
Run mysql server, most probably if you are using windows, there is a exe called winmysqladmin, just double click it... it will start the server, and you'll see a signal icon with green light activated.. if the server starts correctly... !
thanks RURURAJV,and ALEXEI,i've done it.
(no book tells me winmysql must be working together :-D )it's funny,isn't it? :-?