mysql_pconnect issue



I can't figure out why I keep running into this error. MySQL is running and PHP is running as an apache module, but I always get this:
Warning: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /var/www/html/bands/us/il/tripwire/guest.php on line 27
Unable to connect to SQL server

And here is the code:
mysql_pconnect("", "$username", "$password") 
               or die("Unable to connect to SQL server");

can anybody help me!? I would really appreciate it.

FYI - I have all the permissions set properly, and I have the database setup in mysql
psychomantum said:
Yeah I tried that one already

thanks though
Set time to live in httpd.conf, or MySQL.
Actually time for php or mysql not enouth :cry:

Interestin how you learn PHP ad MySQL than you cannot cofigure them?