Need basic shopping cart w/paypal & shipping



I have a very simple page that has 4 items for sale. They want to use paypal as the processor. I have this working just fine but here is the problem.

They want actual UPS shipping calulated. Since their is no actual cart on my side (all passed to paypal) I don't know the total weight or how to calculate the actual UPS shipping.

I didn't create a shopping cart just the links to add the items to the paypal cart.
Of course I can view the Paypal shopping cart with all the items but I don't know how to get the total weight of the items or how to get the info from UPS once I get it.

I don't need a full blown ecommerce solution like oscommerce. As I said their are 4 items for sale. I don't know how to store my own shopping cart via PHP. And I don't know where to find a PHP script to calculate the UPS shipping cost.

Thanks for any help
I don't live in america, so I'm not sure how the shipping works, but if you've got the items on the page, can't you just have the site remember what was selected, and then have the weights of all the items stored?

From this you can work out the total weight.

But maybe you have to know addresses and things.. I'm not sure there.

This might help you there: