need feedback about my website...?



need feedback about my e-commerce website. It is not a real companies website, this is a website that i have created as a project for class for school. i would like feedback on the user experience. also i would like feedback on how you would like an ecommerce website to work. can
you also give me feedback about the design aspects of the website, if there is anything that you would change about any part of the design, can you let me know? thanks
my site is:
seems that its a good job done..!!! :-D :-D
Just try applying some good css and good colors...
right now it seems very un-professional..
sorry to say that... but then even I started with such designs !!:)
what colors do you suggest that i use to make my site look professional?
also, what do you suggest that i use css on? should i use it on the text, links etc...?