Need help on SMS using php

Alexej Kubarev

New member
SMS like Simple Messaging Service?!
Like mobile phone SMS?

Cuz then i have no idea... i think that wht you need for that is a SMS Gateway plus a subscription for an SMS service and that never comes for free..

If you ment something else -- please tell me so..
Hmmz... you need to find out about how your scipt will communicate with the gateway, find out everything about the interface of that gateway, you will also need an access to that gateway.

The problem is that there is no PHP tool for that. You have to write a code in a normal editor... For any code, especially a complex code i would recommend Zend Studio..

Well... there is nothing much that i can tell you about this stuff.. I never went far with it because i dont really have an sms gateway that i can access..

You might even need some custom classes to be made or something like that.. Ask your system administrator a bit more..

What university are we talking about?