New Project




I am going to start new project which is related to Business card , flyers, letterheads etc.
I have to give shopping cart and complete customization to Business card and other things like font change , colors ,logos etc.
Site should have admin panel(CMS) through which everything can be customized for front part.

I have never done this kind of project so I want to know that "DOES PHP ENOUGH POWERFUL TO HANDLE THIS KIND OF PROJECT?"

I dont know how php powerful in graphics.

i think i have to use Object Oriented concepts also.

So please I am asking for your kind suggestions. :)

Thank U
Yes yes and yes on everything.. it IS powerfull enough, OOP is the best solution, you will need to play around with GD2 or custom libraries as well...
but its totaly perfect... plus it will be easier in PHP.. .NET would make it abit harder and much more weird ^^
Thanx A lot.

Could you give me any reference site of Business Cards which is built in PHP?

Site for learning Object Oriented PHP?

Thank U :) is best for articles and tutorials about OOP and stuff

hmmz.. business cards.. hmmz not really... but it work exactly like the on built on .NET framework :)