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Hello Forum
I am almost completely new to php as I have come from the WordPress websites environment in which I use plugins and do not do any code.
I have various plugins for forms but a new project I have taken on for our members cannot be done using even some of the pro versions of form builders eg Contact7, Everest and WP Forms.
I have some vba experience so willing to have a go at learning php in order to achieve my aim.
I require a checkbox grid form with 20 columns and 25 rows so members can enter on line.
Each column has a separate money value eg £1, £2, £3 etc
After ticking the required boxes the next page adds up the grand total of each column and row and a final total.
The next page would be the grand total carrying forward to payment etc PayPal, etc.
The member and admin would then get confirmation and the checkbox grid with lines if possible.
I have had a go at some basic php and will keep looking and hopefully a Forum member(s) will point me in the right direction.
Any advice will be welcome including give the job to someone else !!!!

Use a multi-dimensional array for checkbox values
Output in table with nested loops
Name like checkbox[x][y]
Calculate totals by looping $_POST
Show confirmation with grid & totals
Use Sessions to pass data
Add payment gateway later
Build incrementally
Many thanks Rimsha and much appreciated.
I will take your advice and practice your methods as I have still to find a solution.
Will the confirmation email and the summary page show the grid lines?
Any further help most welcome