Newbie! Please get me started.



I highly recommend that you buy a recent edition of a good PHP book. Check Amazon for book ratings and buy one that's highly rated. There are lots of great PHP tutorials on the Internet, but a good book will give you a far better grounding. If you have programming experience (HTML, sorry to say, is markup, not programming), you can expect to pick up the basics fairly quickly. If not, expect to dedicate a few weeks getting down the basics.

Oh, one more suggestion: Don't touch MySQL until you have a very firm grounding in PHP. Too many newbies jump straight into MySQL before they have a basic understanding of PHP basic constructs, like arrays and loops.

And don't forget, your best resource is the PHP home page.
i'm one self taught fellow, and belive me if you have some ... prog. exp. and manual... with HTML exp... ITs an easy ride.... It would be iceing on a cake if you have sql knowledge