newbie question --- date comparison



I am new to this forum and programming in PHP in general. I am working on a website that will have a calendar of events and have the following question.
I have the code for the events calendar, however there is afeature that I would like to include and that is to list on the home page events that will take place in the next 7 days. So, I will query the calendarOfevents table and get the date of the events and see if it takes place within seven days from current date. Since I am new to PHP, I am not sure how to accomplish this. Looking at sample codes, I am able to open the database and read the event_date column on the table. I have become a little familiar with the IF statement, however, I don't know how to compare to a range of dates all at once. Any help will be appreciated very much.
for anybody that is interested here is the code to read events from your database and post events that take place within the next 7 days. The date of events, day, month and year are stored in separate columns in the database...

$flag="0"; #flag to set if any events within the next 7 days
$today=date("Y-m-d"); #sets today's date in required format
$from = strtotime($today); #convert it to unix time format
$db = mysql_connect("localhost","root","hello");
mysql_select_db("calendar",$db); #select database
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM calendar_events",$db);
if ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result))
do {
$dateahead = mktime(0, 0, 0, date("m", $from), date("d", $from) + 7, date("Y", $from));#date 7 days ahead
if (($from<=$eventdate) && ($eventdate<=$dateahead)) #event within next 7 days?
$flag="1"; //set flag event meets criteria
echo " this event within the next 7 days <br>";
echo $myrow["event"]; #post event
while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result));
echo "Lame! database is empty!";
if ($flag=="0")
{echo "Bummer! no events for the next 7 days!";}


That's alll!
If anybody has a better way to accomplish the above let me know