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This url: is in my favourites. It shows the post since my last visit which is quite handy.

When there is a list of topics I want to shift-click on a title to open the topic in a new window and keep the list so I can easily navigate to the other new topics.

However, there is an onclick event which interferes with that. If I shift-click on a title, it will open the topic in a new window but also navigate to that topic in the previous window... I have to use the back key to see the list again..

I would really appreciate it if the onclick can be removed from that page.

good link yes =).

also if you use firefox as me you could setup opening options to open any new window page in new tab =).
enjoy it!
jsut ctrl + click on link
Currently I'm doing a right-click and selecting "open in a new window". That doesn't trigger the <a href>'s onclick event. But it's still rather annoying...

good idea: for this reason I added a new button (see above )

You've missed the point. When you have the "new posts" list open, and shift-click an item (in IE) to open it in a new window, the "onclick" event of that item causes that item to open also in the window that contained the list.

If there are n items in the list, I want to open one at a time in a new window, keeping the list in the existing window. If you could remove the onclick event, that would really be great.