odd gaps that disapear



hi, i feel so silly having to post so many questions but this ones bugging me now.

im redesigning an old site i set up for somebody, i havnt done much yet, just the index page with a few static images in tables.

but when i view it, it shows gaps down the right and bottom of the page (like margines), and then when you refresh the page, they disapear. ive cleared my cache and viewed from various machines and the gaps are always there on first load, and then disapear when the page is refreshed! i dont understand it.

ignore the php errors, thats just cos i havnt made the page its trying to include into the table yet.

any ideas?

You might want to tell us what browser this happens in -- in Firebird I don't see any obvious problems.
hi, im using ie6, and ive just tried in an old custom made browser which uses the ie rendering engine and its the same with that. now im wondering if this is an ie rendering problem...
just downloaded firebird, and your right, its fine under the mozilla rendering engine. time to stick my anti-microsoft hat on and hit something lol.

hmm, on another note, i never realised firebird was this good! especially the syntax highlighted source viewer hehe. time to make this my default browser :) thanks for reminding me about it lol.
hmm, ive just used ie for the first time since i downloaded firebird, and the gaps have disapeared now :S looks like running firebird has somehow fixed it lol, confused but happy :)