Operating System

Operating System

  • Windows 9x

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • Windows 2Kx

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Linux / Windows Dual Boot

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  • Linux

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  • Mac OS 's OS (Don't remember the name)

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This laptop is WinXP/Linux dual boot (although windows is there for games and Photoshop, used 1 out of 25 times), my server runs Linux (both run Gentoo).
Mac OS's OS is called MacOS. Easy to remember. MacOS X if you want to get really specific.

I use XP pretty much everywhere, but I get along famous with linux/unix, and were I to have a server it wouldn't be running anything else.
yep. 2k forms part of the foundations for XP (the rest is from ME)

Well... My Desktop PC is running WinXP Pro with FreeBSD, Gentoo and Win2k3 as Virtual machines (only for testing purposes ofcource)..

The server in Finland is running Win2k but will be changed to Win2k3 in 1 month... the reason for that is that its kinda scarry to send a server far way without being familiar enough with the OS (something like Linux or FreeBSD)..

Both laptops WinXP Pro..
Handeheld also runs Windows (Mobile 2003)..

Office PC also runs WinXP Pro

Looks like im more a Windows Person after all... However i do understand how great Linux is... just dont have time to be good enought with it :)
XP + SP2 for me I am afraid...

too busy trying to learn php to learn 'nix stuff at the mo.. :?
Home PC is winXP cause I like the games.. I don't like games enough to invest time and money into wineX just the occasional LAN party.

Work PC I loaded Knoppix on to the HD. I also have 3 FreeBSD boxes that I get to mess with connected to a 4x KVM. KVM's are the coolest invention. Then my other PC at work is WinXP they paid for the license so I feel obliged to use it. Plus I'm their only PC tech and need it to make support easier.
I use Fedora Core 4 for daily use of things, but when playing my games i course have to jump into Win Xp...sad but gotta do what ya gotta do