I have a question not related to php but osCommerce.

I guess I'll post it here.

Can anyone tell me if the following sites are based on osCommerce or not? If not, maybe you know what is the name of the shopping cart used because they sure look the same.

> http://www.insoft.ro/
> http://www.mariosoft.ro/

If this is not osCommerce, maybe you can tell me please what is it because it is quite good and I would like to use it.


I realy cant tell but why do you need to know. ;/
Just looks like they skinned it.
I've got to build a fully functional shopping cart and fast!!! I liked that one and I wanted to know if it is osCommerce to use it directly ....

Maybe you can recommend a good open-source or freeware php-mysql cart (that you've worked with not heard of :D)?
I'd say no.

I'm installing osC for a client at the moment, if it is they have done a good job.

Edit: After looking here http://www.algozone.com/shop/oscommerce_templates.php?manufacturers_id=10 it is hard to tell, email them and ask them.