Our company, Chinchilla House


Keira Sutton, PhD & Programmer
We are located in Sweden. We are creating our very first game, Liamwest.se, which is a webgame! It's created in PHP & MySQL, and the game is about chinchillas. I actually woke up in the middle of the night, this night because chinchillas are awake during the night. We are using the Registration Form from phptutorial.net;
I can explain my code. I began on this project (Liamwest) in 2016. I had my laptop and we were calling the game Aden at that time, I wrote in WordPad about the game. Then I began reading this book, C++ direkt by Jan Skansholm. I believe that all of the coding in C++ are made up of working numbers. So that Y^16E is for example a gun, and 00088 is a cage. :) How to get this into working on a website, though, I'm not quite sure yet. I am using the Registration Form from phptutorial.net; You replace ALL of the null-coalescing operators with working arithmetical operators.