Pass screen size to a php



I need to pass the available screen width and height to a php script. I know I can get the W & H using a Java script but how would I send it to the PHP? Where in PHP script would I code the Java? Or is it the other way around?
Hey popeye,

You can "send it" through URL to some file (GET method). E.g: file.php?w=800&h=600
You can also "sent it" via form (POST method) in hidden fields.
Ther's no other way!
well well...
gesf was almost right about no other way..
there is no other SMART way to do it. hehe.. Im thinking now about 100 diferent stupid, extremly complex and absolutely freaking useless way of doing it.

However hidden fields are not the only thing that you can post with :) don't forget ajax requests. However this in most cases will not be the smartest way :)

So listen to what gesf said, and do it that way :D