Pass value to 2 pages



when we use form, we have to pass value to the page that is set by the form, it mean only one page only can get the value, now i want to pass the same value to 2 page, but how? if i use session_register, i'll have problem. any way to use form to pass value to 2 pages? thanks
Using sessions is the best way for doing that!
What problems you have when using sessions !?
Do you have some code to show !?

use : $_POST[variable_name] to get value from page to page.
(where variable_name is name of form/text box..)

Note: only work with PHP 4.34 or higher. If you use old version of PHP, you can use $HTTP_POST_VARS[variable_name]
try simply using setcookie(). Make sure that you read the variables from the $_COOKIE array if auto globals is on though, otherwise you might create a security loophole.