Passing values - Problems with the link way



I have been working on a proyect since last year using php 4.0... and i have no problems until i update to PHP 4.2.1... This version come with great security improvements like Global_variables = OFF , $_SESSION, $_POST, $_GET , etc.

Actually i was passing values from a page to other in two ways :

1) using forms ... and post the values to other pages
2) using links

After the actualization i have to correct my code to adapt it to $_POST in forms ..and it works perfectly..

However the link way doesn't work under GLOBAL_VARIABLES = OFF...

for example i use:

<a href="page2.php?var=<? echo $value1;?>">EVALUATE! </a>

so i could use $var in page 2 with the value = $value1

however , with GLOBAL_VARIABLES OFF it doesn't work... is there another way for passing values beetween pages not using forms way ?

Which is the best way, for correct this situation under PHP 4.2.1 or 4.2.2 ?

THANKS :cry:
A lot of variables moved to an array with that security update, read the manual to find out where to find them exactly:

Greetz Daan
On page 2 use $_GET['var'] to access the value, not $var!