PHP 4.3.3 Released!



Okay, so it's not a major release or even a point release. It's a something-dot-something-dot-something release, which isn't nearly so exciting. But I thought it deserved posting. The major improvements taste like this:
  • Improved the engine to use POSIX/socket IO where feasible.
  • Fixed several potentially hazardous integer and buffer overflows.
  • Fixed corruption of multibyte character including 0x5c as second byte in multipart/form-data.
  • Fixed each() to be binary safe for keys.
  • Major improvements to the NSAPI SAPI.
  • Improvements to the IMAP extension.
  • Improvements to the InterBase extension.
  • Added DBA handler 'inifile' to support ini files.
  • Added long options into CLI & CGI (e.g. --version).
  • Added a new parameter to preg_match*() that can be used to specify the starting offset in the subject string to match from.
  • Upgraded the bundled Expat library to version 1.95.6
  • Upgraded the bundled PCRE library to version 4.3
  • Upgraded the bundled GD library to version GD 2.0.15
So, nothing Earthshattering, but what did you expect? PHP5 final is at least 6 months down the road, though there's rumblings about a possible version 4.4. Anyway, you can download version 4.3.3 from the usual places.
ok thanx swirlee
does any one has used php5
I am still on 4.2.xx
any new good new feathers that are At the top for php 5 :idea: