PHP and Outlook Encryption

Alexej Kubarev

New member
what do you mean by personal data?
Outlook doesnt have any ecription. Unless you mean the SSL certificated used for emails. but its not the outlook encriptiona s you refere to it
Please be more specific
The problem is that you cant just say that it will send to Outlook
It can be a webmail and such. You will NEVER know what client a person is using.

The secure way... well.. how about sending a link to some page that will require a password and a username to be accessed. That page will have all the information. I dont know what else you could do. You may want to look at your SMTP server settigns to see what you can do there. SMTP servers use SSL Certificates as i recall..
I agree.. imho email is not secure at all.. you shouldn't send critial info via email even if it is encrypted.
I agree too!
The best option is, no doubt, providing an online and secured (at least username/password) way, so user can get access to this kind of information.
Also my guess is there must be some XSD trick to provide/delivering this data in some way, however... i'm not sure about my ideas! :?