php and SSL




I am currently in the proces of setting up an interface for a database. As a measure of security I wanted to use SSL. The installation of SSL is something that the site admin will do but I am responsible for the MySQL database and the PHP coding of the interface. Now my question is:

Are there any special code hacks I should use if the connection is over SSL?

Thanks in advance for any help,

its only working over the https the port 443
and thats it
I want to use SSL protocol for my latest project, which will be only for "dommestic" use. Very little people will have access to the page, but the info is somewhat sensitive.
So here is the question :
Is it necessary to purchase a SSL sertificate to use SSL? And why?
It is not nessesary to purchace it, but the problem will be, if you do not do it, that you will always get a message that the certificate is outdated.

People will always be able to use it, but will get that messge everytime they go to your page..

Bzway -- it IS possible to change the SSL port... by default its bounded to 443 but you still can change it.