PHP, Apache and MySQL newbie... HELP!! :)



First, if tou believe me in my firm for intranet using PHP, MySQL and Apache and all thats stand under WindowsXP :wink: :!:
Second Why you asking. Because, PHP it's faster server-side language, faster then ASP but not like ColdFusion. It's ease to understand, if you write at C/C++, Java. ASP works only under Wintel platform, PHP - flexibility: you have a source code and you may create csript under Windows and this script will work under Unix/Linux.
MySQL - it's faster SQL server, faster than Oracle :wink: but limited in triggers, functions, but speed.....
Apache, Apache - is a sound for admin's it's too flexibility and very fast closing all bugs.
cherphas said:
Ok. So If I want to start coding in PHP, all I have to do is download PHP, Apache and MySQL on my machine(beside all the learning!)? Can I set up my machine as a server, sort of what I did for Coldfusion with IIS? And all this is (!) free? Is there anything else I should know before I start working on it?
You may set PHP as ISAPI module and work with Coldfusion together:wink:
MySQL - is a faster SQL in internet it's statistic form Ziff Davids.
PHP faser than ColdFusion.:wink:
Besides, all info you may get from internet
ar get help from this forum :!:
PHP as MySQL and Apache is free :!:
Info for reflection: