PHP + Apache configuring ?



garans said:
I am a beginner in PHP.

I bought a book by J. Melony (translation from 2000 year issue) and trying to install.

MySQL - OK. Apache - OK.

PHP + Apache configuring ?
When I start phpinfo.php I get the content of my .php

I tryed 3 times to configure Apache but it was useless.
Please help.
I'm tired tell peaple: RTFM
Interesting why peaples do not want read manual?
RTFM is commonly used on forums like this (to help people with something) and means Read The F***ing Manual.
Although and the freesco forum it means Read The Freesco Manual, but that doesn't work with PHP, darn 8)

What he meant was that many people have the same problem configuring apache and php and there is lots of documentation on what can go wrong and how to solve that.
Take a look at and search a little around and my best guess is you will solve you're problem

Greetz Daan
I would think that your problem lies somewhere in that you haven't instructed Apache to treat .php files as a PHP file (ie execute it using the PHP executable).

The PHP installation guide should have pointed this out!!