PHP Beginner program



Hi, im a beginner at php-scripting and i am wondering which program would give me the best help at managing the php-codes. I use Dreamweaver which has a good colorsystem to tell the codes apart.

Is dreamweaver the best program or should i use another program?

- Thanks in advance -

Dreamweaver MX 2004 is the best editor for php and you can edit your css, javascripts etc. too there so it is better.
Please take a look at this thread for lots of opinions about the best PHP editor.

Zend Studio gets a lot of votes.
Oooooja :D

Especially the latest v4 of ZS -- my favourite.. by the way -- Dreamweaver is not really good for PHP.. Its goof for designing but its absolutely not good for PHP coding..
Yes, i have heard from some people that Dreamweaver is not good for PHP-scripting.

Thanks for the tips everyone :)
Alexei Kubarev said:
SpyWare -- du kan faktis få den senaste ZS från mig.. ;) det e bara adda mig på msn eller nått så skickar jag den :)

Thanks. I'll add you as soon as i get home ;) (Hyggelig å se andre fra den nordlige del av verden her også) :-D

Well lets keep it english from now on :p
Im looking forward to test ZS :D

Btw, is ur website? :)
yes... just upgrading everything on it... when i have time...

Otherwise studying and working.. so dont have much time for my page.. :(