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Would you certify yourself for PHP [Zend Certification]

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Zend have started out with PHP certification for a whopping $200

I was just curious .. that is there anybody there to try it out... Not me atleast..
First I'mnot interested in certification, secondly I think $200 is a quite high ask for PHP...
I think what 200$ for peaples who live in Ukraine it's too much..... but....
maybe. but $200 .. is money too.
maybe i'll go to spain with it? ;-)
$200 is cheap for a certification. And looks good to clients.

CompTIA A+ is like $185 or something. and that just says you've been a tech for 6months

MS cert is like $700+

CCNE is up there too.
You can always try to make it tax-deductable at least or have your company pay for it...
Im thinking about certifing..
$200 is money buy it really nothing in comparison to every other certificate.

I think its a really good idea to certify plus it DOES look good to clients..
Ive been asked by a client for any certification paper and i dindt have any. I almost lost that client. Thank god i was recommended to him and plus had several recommendation letters with me.

So thats y i bought today Zend PHP Certification Study Guide. The LAST ONE in store :S
I still dont get why someone wouldnt want to certify...
$200 is a reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy good price... i must say that its a GREAT price...