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"Carrot recruitment" is the users of the "tailored" recruitment of coach handbags outlet
of a metaphor. For the recruitment requirements Chaohu users directly call: "shock, ah, recruitment conditions, too much coach outlet store
", and friends said, "actually write such a blatant organs and units for the children!", "Is it still the hereditary system? "," because when people Shegang is the end ah? "
In fact, "the coach purses outlet
Shegang" was received widespread attention recently, just two months, a variety of "carrot recruitment" have sprung up in the coach bags outlet
Old Yan migrant coach wallets outlet, the promise to a student, one three jobs to earn money funding more than a dozen children from poor families attend school. Since 2002, he has adhered to 9 years.
Yan Yan exhibition called coach handbags outlet red, Jiangdu City, Jiangsu Province, rural commercial banks, water maintenance worker. In addition to this work, the old gas cans or YAN aspirated coach purses outlet, a securities company's night watchman.
In 1992, the old Yan Zhou Xixiang from Jiangdu Jiangdu area of rural home to work, schooling her daughter to the old couple made a difficult Yen. "1200 dollars off each week, we have enough coach bags oultet loud noise, Choude could not sleep." Recalls the scene, the old Yan still grateful to the school principal, "Principal know our difficulties and take the initiative to reduce the off each week . "is this thing buried in the old student Yan mind the seeds," I said the principal, after the money in hand, I must return to the community, help children from poor families to go to coach outlet factory "
The first is "Wabu fake tickets." Counterfeiting and staff with "grafting" approach, the invalid tiffany jewelry store
, invalid ballots on the station name, fares, trips and dates dig cut, paste, respectively, the station name on the long-distance, fare, train number and date, etc., and then with iron tiffany engagement rings
. The dig this cut, paste after one invalid vote invalidated becomes effective, short-haul ticket into a long-distance tickets, cheap tickets into a high-priced tickets;
The second is the "alter fake tiffany earrings sale." Counterfeiting and staff with "a face-lift" approach, the invalid ballots, invalid ballots on the station name, fares, trips and date correction fluid smear or scratch-off, and then seal method, covered with long-distance train station Station names, ticket prices, train number and tiffany co necklace, etc.;
The third is the "full-page fake tickets", but also so-called second generation of fake tickets. Who face the real ticket counterfeiting patterns and related text, numbers and other scanning technology into the computer, make changes in the computer, then print out high-resolution color printers, this high degree of simulation fake tickets.