PHP fileinfo installation question



I'm having problems with a PHP extension (fileinfo).

I recently bought a program for creating t-shirt designs.
After buying I found that there are many pre-requisites that have to be met before it will function on my website.
The transaction was bought through CodeCanyon.
I tried contacting the Author but he won't reply.
I may have to go through a lengthy "refund" process if I can't get this program functional.

I have my own cloud.server and don't have the necessary server skills required to manage a server, yet I pay for it's use to a hosting company.

1) The problem -
fileinfo extension is not present.
This is the error I get when trying to access the page.
"ERROR - PHP fileinfo extension missing"

2) The question -
How & where can I install the fileinfo extension on a server running Cpanel & WHM?

3) Tried on my own -
I searched high & low for an answer.
a) Google searches (many would-be answers, but nothing that matches my Cpanel or WHM settings).
b) Contacted my host provider (big fee's for their help).
c) Tried a PHP-Forum -
Which is why I'm here...
Asking if there might be help for a "little" BIG problem.

Why I'm asking for help:
All I wanted to do was add a t-shirt designer to my current website.
I want to customize this page/program for Blind Squirrel Billiards, so potential customers can add "logo's & saying" to my t-shirts.

I don't expect to sell many, mainly to local pool players that know me and my t-shirts.
It's something fun...
And the designs are humorous and get many laughs & smiles!
It's more of a pain in the you-know-what, than anything.
But I enjoy Billiards, I've also invented 10+ Billiard related inventions, but don't have the funds to invest in manufacturing them.

If this is something I can get up & running without a big investment, I'd love to use it to help promote the sport.

Anyway, thanks for having a forum that helps others (you are savior's of the un-skilled world).

Kind of disappointed with "no replies".
Guest nobody knows anything about PHP fileinfo installation.

I did find that fileinfo is a .dll not .php, but not here (see, I'm clueless about php, just was hoping for a little guidance).

I'll find answers somewhere else...

Nice Forum though.