PHP / Flash Interactive designer tool



Hi friends

If u could get some time for me then plz visit

I have to make this kind of flash control that interacts with PHP.

Do anyone know from where I can get this type of control. Anyone can guide me how to develop it.

It is urgent.

Good Day!

I just visted the site you have given.

Is the pictures are database driven?

If it is static its is much pretty simple..

but if it is database can used PHP -> XML -> FLASH and vice versa.

just visit this site for your guide.
The principle behind is quite simple.

In flash, you can request to read a file - like This file processes the params, reads the database, makes the necessary functionality and then, outputs the result in a way the flash can read it - you know, reading files in flash.

The main ideea is to output a result that you can parse in Flash so it has a specified format.

Hope I was clear enough.