PHP form needed desperately!



Hey all i need a php form, or thats what im told i need. If you visit this address there is a scanned in form.

Basically i somehow need to create this form for internet use, with text fields for each section, and the results sent in an email to an address, in the format:

driver : (what they said)


I am not even sure that PHP is what i need to accomplish this, but i am told it is, and i have no knowledge of it. I have, however, a great deal of knowledge in flash, and in return for anyone who can create this for me, i will create a free flash website, or an animated banner, or anything you like, but i cannot pay you. Simply becaue i have no money :(

If anyone could do this i would be amazingly greatful.

First: What you mean with 'php form' ?? I really don´t know what you want to do and the url you gave doesn´t open!
Say what you need to do in other words.

Second: You don´t need to make 3 posts about the same thing!
I am not sure why the picture didnt work, sorry, try again i spose, or try going to:

and clicking form1.jpg

that may work.
Anyway what i need is a webpage made somehow with text fields, and what is entered into the text fields is sent to an email address. I hope i am explaining myself properly, it will probably help if you can see the picture.

Oh and this is my first time to this website, and a lot of the forums seemed to match the criteria of what i wanted, and i didnt know which one to put it in, sorry!

Can you help me, would you help me, if i could do something in return?

Yes i do, is this possible, can you do it?

PLease help, Matt
mdempsey, in the future, do not cross-post. Post your topic a single time only in a single forum.