PHP / MySQL - simple Cart changes needed....



Hello and thanks for your time.

I have a PHP shopping cart using a MySQL database (it is currently online), I need to have two new additional customer details fields and a drop down selection menu for credit card type added to the checkout details area of the cart.
At present, once all the cusomer details are input, the cart then sends an email to me and a copy to the customer, outlining the order details, the email that is sent to me will need to contain the credit card details and the email to be sent to the customer will not include credit card details.

If you can do this job, please contact me for more details.


I can do this job for you. And i can take it a step further and provide you with some security because transmitting sensetive information such as credit cards via email on a non-secure HTTP server is very risky. This 'step further' will be encyption of the creditcard number so only YOU have the decoder.

It will not only prevent packet sniffers from grabbing numbers, it also provides your clients with assurance their information is in good hands and won't be compromised to anyone they wouldn't want seeing it.

Email me at and we can talk more about this.



We are a small webdesign and programming company. 10 employees. We will work on a contract basis by the hour or by the project. Please consider us for this position.

Sincerly, Russell Johnson

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Languages supported: PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, _Javascript and DHTML, MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, C++, Delphi, Flash ActionScript, Pascal, Fortran. Java (small java projects not considered)

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