PHP : pbm with forms on FreeBSD



The only thing I can think on at the moment is that the version of PHP is different on both installations.


perhaps you installed an older version of PHP on FreeBSD than on the other installations. Therefore $_POST values will be empty on older PHP-installations.

Greetz Daan
create a php file with the content:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
and you will get a lot of info on you're installation, including the php-version.

as of version 4.1.0 variables submitted to the page with the post-method are available in the array $_POST before version 4.1.0 this was $HTTP_POST_VARS (which is still available, but deprecated).

phpmyadmin might still be using the $HTTP_POST_VARS and therefore it will work on older versions as well.

if you installed php from the same cd, the version is ofcourse the same and all of my typing here is sort of useless :roll:

one last note, latest version is 4.2.2, so if you've got version 4.4..... can I have a copy??? :D :wink: :!:

Greetz Daan
Try accessing your POST variables through the $_POST array.