PHP php_pspell() (Spell Check Function) Error



hey guys,

i have one serious problem and cant find solution.

I have downloaded class for spell check. and while running the file i m getting error like:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function pspell_new()
HP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\PHP\ext\php_pspell.dll' - The specified module could not be found. in Unknown on line 0

i looked in to ext folder and the dll is there, in php.ini dll is already open like ext = php_pspell.dll and still getting error.

Please give me solution...

No reply yet...

hey guys please tell me if you have solution...
Hey guys

i am writing steps what i did to install...

System: Windows, Server: IIS

1. install aspell
2. download dictionary (English)
3. copy aspell-15.dll from /bin directory of aspell and paste it to C:\PHP and C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\
4. php.ini add extension = php_pspell.dll
5. run Spellcheck.php with
$int = pspell_new("en", "", "", "",(PSPELL_FAST|PSPELL_RUN_TOGETHER));
if (!pspell_check($int, $value))
return true;
return false;

but this code is also not working, i am taking the words from textarea one by one and check with this but no result the pspell_new is also not working because if i print something below $int = pspell_new("en", "", "", "",(PSPELL_FAST|PSPELL_RUN_TOGETHER)); like echo "hi"; it doesnt show me "hi" while running page.

please let me know...


Nobody is here who knows the answer.

very disappointed... :eek:
Hello Dhaval!

find your php.ini and see the whare exactly located your extension folder on your HDD
copy dll into this folder add to php.ini file your dll in extension_dir dirictive and restart web server.
if you get a error with starting PHP you should check info in extension_dir derictive in remark

good luck!

where is no sense copy your dll into C:\PHP and C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\ folders ;)