PhP question about functionality.



This is something that PHP definitely does well, but without any knowledge of PHP, you're best off paying someone to do this for you, or purchasing a turn-key solution.
n88n said:
THanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

I have no idea what php does, but I have a need for a solution that someone said php would do for me. i would like to verify of disprove this.

I am looking to have a website that allows people to buy products from my wesite, via paypal or what ever, then be ableto instantly download files. This would require the user to have a temporary link, say 48 hours, to page where the user can download the files that I sold them. I want this to be automatic so I do not have to monitor my pages 24/7.

Does this sound like PHP?
Yap you may to do it, but need to know how! I'm agree with swirlee! :-D
If you understand programming basics, then it should be extremly easy for you too learn..
If you know Basic, VBasic, C , Pascal etc... its structured much like those.
It is server side so you can open and managed files, etc
n88n said:
Thanks for the response guys.

I definately know nothing about PHP, but I know lots of other programming languages and certainly understand programming concepts. You guys think this is to hard for me to learn? Is PHP extremly hard as a whole or just the task that I am trying to complete?
I think what PHP have a big popularity becaus: It's Fast, Siply, Flexibly...
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