PHP system commands



Hi all!

I want to execute system commands through the functions provided by PHP (like exec, system etc)

In the LINUX machine in my work, everything seems to be OK, when, for example, I write system `ls`; and I print it on the screen.
In my home PC on the other hand, where I have winXP and the Cygwin platform installed, none of these works.

1) Is the Cygwin platform sufficient to run system commands or must I have LINUX machine?

2) Do I need to change anything in my php.ini file in order to 'activate' the system commands?

for running windows commands you will need to specify the full path.. no the cygwin is not sufficient as you need the Os and not an emulator.
thanx Alexei,

I used `dir` and it worked, so I guess I can't 'talk' to Cygwin as I can in Linux...
Thanx again