PHP3 to PHP4



I have a script that worked beautifully until I was informed that the server I was hosted on went from PHP3 to PHP4. Now, I get an error message that tells me my variables are undefined in line 7. Here's that part of the script:

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<?php $fp=fopen("database.txt", "a");
fwrite($fp,"$lname\t$fname\t$email\t$org\t$gro..and so on...

Is this in fact due to some change in PHP versions?
This is probably due to the server-setting "register-global" is set to off.
All posted variables to the page and all server variables are no langer available as a "normal" variable.

You will have to use $_POST, $_GET, $_SESSION, $_COOKIE and $_SERVER
see for more details on wich you can find where and why.

Greetz Daan