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I'm using DOM function in my project & now i want to post my project in webserver(paid). But i found that there is no available web server where PHP5 support. I think & find in web sites that DOM function only works with PHP5. Do u guys have any idea what i gonna do now ?
I don't know why are you using dom, if you are just reading XML, or outputting your own XML, you don't really need DOM.

You will really require DOM , if you want to modify the Current XML structure, addElements, etc.

Otherwise I recommed you to use SAX parser
SAX Parser
I'm using DOM because i want to read XML as well as write to XML. So, i'm using the same method. Is it possible to use DOM in PHP4 ?
check this

DOM XML this is for PHP4

even if u want to write XML, a SAX parser, some arrays would be efficient enough to do that.