Please help, drag additional value from mysql



Ok, heres the problem.

I have a dropdown list that drags my model names from my database into it:

$Query = "SELECT * FROM model";
$Result = mysql_db_query ($DBName, $Query, $Link);
print ("<form method='get' action='$self'>");

print ("<select name='model' $form_pres>");
print ("<option selected value=''>");

while ($Row = mysql_fetch_array ($Result)) {
print ("<option value='$Row[dbModelName]'>$Row[dbModelName]");

print (" <input type='submit' value='select'>");
print ("</form>");

When the model name is selected and the form submitted I want to take an additional value across from the database (dbModelId) using a hidden form element.

How do I do this?? I have thought about it and cannot figure out a solution.

Thanks for you time and help, its much appreciated!

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When you set the value of the drop downs make them the ID (dbModelId), and then when you need the Database name use $Query = "SELECT * FROM model where dbModelId = $value" where $value = 'model' $form_pres.

Then the usual query and fetch array.

$Row = mysql_fetch_array ($Result))

Now you have both the model name and the ID in the $Row[]. I hope this answers your question.