Please Help me! Hurry Please



I Want to find some coder who interested with making new code!

somedays ago someone hacked my phpforum and add many user which is antigoztepe625 - antıgozte232- and many user like that! He did that with one program which is Denyo Launch

I have a 6700 user in my forum and i want to clear all users which is antigoztepe.

How can i do that?? elp me please and hurry up!!

send me mail to

Thanks for helping
not 100% sure, but run the sql query:

find what the members table is called, then:

$query = "delete from table LIKE username='antigoztepe'";
mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());

that *should* work, someone might correct me though...


Sorry bezmond, but I am the one to correct you... :wink:
Here is how it should look like:
$query = "DELETE FROM table WHERE username LIKE 'antigozte%'"; 
mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());

You can also do it by date: look for the users who registered the latest (hoping your 'hacker' created them without precising a past time for registration) and delete them...

Hope it helps.

Easy solution:

Email everyone saying i'm deleting everyone beyond X user ID so re-register. And then X would be where the hacker started registering users, say user ID of 150

then in MySQL admin go:

DELETE from phpbb_users where users_id > 150

you would need to edit the names and such but it should work.