POST VARS without <form>



Is it possible to POST VARS to a .php (so the VARS are not shown behind .php like file.php?get=vars).
I mean that I need to use $HTTP_POST_VARS[''] instead of $HTTP_GET_VARS[''] to get the info.

I hope I made myself clear, I'm not very good at explaining in php-language :wink:
you mean that you want to move the data between php pages and get them through $_POST not through $_GET , and not want to show the query stirng in the address bar right?
- by using frames in your site[app] the query string in the address bar will not appear but you can get the data by $_GET
- or use the session and cookies to hold the data
sigix is correct -- there's no way to use POST without using a form. But why in the world would you want to do it, anyway? Using POST doesn't, by any means, hide the data from the user. In Firebird, I can go to Live HTTP Headers and see exactly what's being passed via POST. If you're trying to pass data without showing it to the user, use sessions. That's really your only option, and it works pretty well.
or you could write yourself a script that uses sockets!

C'mon this has got to be the simplest way :wink:
liquedus said:
or you could write yourself a script that uses sockets!

This is the right way to post vars on the server side, but the poster would seem to want this to happen on the client side. And there's no way (aside from some ugly JavaScript, maybe) to make a client browser POST vars without using a form.
POST variables are passed by opening connections by http or through http :roll: