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Im making a script for a friend who makes and sells website templates. What the script is supposed to do it this:
the admin logs in, then if he wants to add a new template, he enters some info (like for example: price, name, id, etc.), and he uploads a pic. This is the easy part, i am going to make a txt file with a number in it, then when the admin ads a script, the txt file with the info, and the pic will receave the name of the number in that file, and when its done saving it, it increases the number in the txt file by 1 (so now each new template will have a different number). The users to be able to open a page that has a thumb of the pic, and the info about it, iv got that taken care of, but now the problem is that i dont know how to make thumbs, or images that are like 800 * 600 pixels (for example), any ideas?
wrong forum, man.
Thanks Pejone!
Sorry about posting this in the wrong forum
using imagecopyreasmpled will give you much better results.