Probably a stupid question..



Hi I got earthlink as a webhost and they said that they support PHP4.. anyways.. is PHP something that i have to install on their webservers? I tried to ask the techs there but they did seem to want to answer my question. Is anyone else using earthlink hosting? what kinds of servers are they running? I went to and checked the installition documentation and their are several different unix's... any idea?
I got very little computer knowledge so please forgive me if the questions i ask are plain out bad....

Thanks for all the help you can give me...

p.s. hopefully this trek will lead me to installing SquirrelMail
I would guess that PHP4 is already installed and you just have to upload your scripts.

you might have to use a server side include depending on thier configuration.

tech support should know.
Try just make a file like this:
copy at the server, and run it

If hoster(provider) dont' give to you all info and help about hosting leave it!