problem in IE6 with overlib function



problem in IE6 with overlib

i am using the following codes in my html and page is generating dynamically
<div id="overDiv" style="position:absolute; visibility:hide; z-index:1000;"></div>


<a href="" onMouseOver="window.status='User Details'; overlib('email:',RIGHT, ABOVE, HAUTO, VAUTO); return true;" onMouseOut="window.status=''; nd(); return true;"></a>

it shows the popup fine at correct position if less records(only one page), now consider if there are more records say greater than 100, and i scroll down then instead showing the popup at correct position it is displaying at top which is not visible by us. other than this IE6 its ok. whats wrong with this.
When i click on it, it doesnt do any thing what do you want to do with this?
overlib? i never herd of that. why not just make a php form.
no it contains lot of codes, so pasted only that part of the code which is responsible to output the popup, here we need to include overlib.js script.

but i am not getting the popup at correct position in IE6 only, whereas in other browsers its ok.