problem of transferring a variable to a drop down list



Hi all,

this time the problem is abt transferring a var to a drop down goes on something like this....

i wan to edit a project list by means of proj_id..its primary key...ok fine i did it...i am also transferring a drop down list "in the other file" i have a list of projectleaders names in their user_id and proj_leadid are equal.......

what i want is when i a passing the the next file the drop down list shud show the CORRESPONDING projectleader and after that the others in the drop down....

this below code just gives the user_id and the usernames this is in the "otherfile" me to show the CORRESPONDING projectleader

$sql="select user_name,user_id from mast_user";

$user = "<select name='user3'\n";

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))

$user.="<option value='".$row["user_id"]."'>".$row["user_name"]."</option>";



hi all, the problem is finally solved by me,........

pats on my back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O