Problem with imagettftext()




I am using imagettftext() function. I have gd library and free type also so its working fine.

The problem is that my client has linux server and has GD but not supported with FreeType so it give me error that call to undefined function imagettftext().

Now I want to know that is there any alternative function which provides the same facility as imagettftext() ?

I sometimes use imagestring() too but we cant give font size with it so I need help.

Thank you.
take a look at
The first comment tells you what to do to solve this problem

I could not get your point. Could you plz be clear about it.
In that manual page, the first user comment (in the comments part) can solve your problem.
I tried that putenv('GDFONTPATH=' . realpath('.'));
but it didn't work. :(
In that manual page, please check for a section called "User Contributed Notes". And there you'll find your answer :)
ThanX for helping. My client make configure it on server. I need freetype linkage and it is available now. ThanX for helping. :)