problem with php4.3.2 and mysql4.1 on windows



Because MySQL 4x doesn't include in PHP5 from for licensing GPL but not LGPL. из за
get source code of PHP, Edit code (if you know C)and rebuild......
You won't have to edit any C as WiZARD suggests, but you will have to recompile, and the current code appears to be experimental. Have a look at this page for more information.

Your other option, since you're using an Alpha version of MySQL which you shouldn't be using in production anyway, is to use the Beta version of PHP5. It'll save you a recompile.
but, don't forget you doing that at you own risk - experimental...
snoopyxp said:
how can I compile php with mysql on windows,
what complier do I need ?

Don't take this the wrong way, snoopyxp, but if you have to ask this question, then I can't recommend that you try it. There's no practical reason for you to be using an alpha release of MySQL, and doing so will, at least at this point in your learning, offer you no advantage.

In other words, go download the latest production release of MySQL (currently 4.0.14), install it, and forget about alpha versions or recompiling.

If you're really convinced that you have a logical reason to do otherwise, I'm compelled to direct you to the all-knowing oracle.