Problems passing values from html form to a php file



i everyone. :D .. I have been programming PHP since the last year on my Windows XP Professional machine with no problems using older versions of Apache and PHP .. I recently buy a new computer with the same operating system, and i installed the latest version of , MySQL, Apache (1.3.26) for Windows and PHP (SAPI - 4.2.1) following the help files .However now i have some troubles passing values from a html form to a php page.

i use the next in html form :
<form name="form1" action="page.php" method "post" >
<input name="textbox" type="text">
<input type="submit" value="OK">

by pressing the button ok i receive the value sent, in the $textbox variable of the PHP page.

Actually it doesn't work coz the $textbox variable always is empty, and i don't know why.. anyone have the same problem... HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Maybe is a config problem or a problem with the new versions.

PS. Sorry about my English..
you can acces posted variables via $_POST['variablename'] or $_REQUEST['variablename']

this is done for security reasons.

you can set "register_globals = on" in you're php.ini, but that would leave you with a security problem.
best way is to alter you're scripts.

Greetz Daan
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