Puppy name?!



I seem to remember a pet names topic on here before? but can't find it.... I must be going crazy....

Anyway, what names would people suggest for my new puppy, bearing in mind my 2 cats are called Java & Unix? :)
what about lisp, miranda
i think these are beautiful names :D
how is that pronounced liquedus? :)
i'm thinking she looks like a solaris....
heh! it's cool man!
but how about: IBM? or DELPHIna? floppy? viduha? (at russian video adapter) ISA! :D Britannica? Knopka(button at russian)?
Zemfira! :lol:
O! Idea! like in funny short story: ID23ft5cDf67!d23 how about this name? :D
wifi ,maze,geforce,mozilla,
nimmi would be great
WIZARD why not got for md5 digest :D ,RSA,DES,CEIPHER
we went with Solaris - everyone calls her solly... but when we took her to her puppy check she has a heart problem and has to go back to the puppy home to live out her life in peace :(
poor solaris...