Push Pin Map Service for Tracking Customers



Online Pin Map For Tracking Customer Location
I was wondering if anyone knows of a service that offers an online push pin map type of service?

I would like to track my customers origination via the old fashioned push pin map way and was wondering if there was something online available already rather than have to start from scratch. If it could tie into an existing database and extract address/locations from there that would be ideal rather than have to manually enter them.

If anybody knows of anything like this let me know please!


so basically you want to have a map shown and see with a dot where they are on the map?

How detailed would you need that, by country, state, city, street level?

You could get the lat, and long on the locations and place it on the map.
I would like to track it by city. If there were more than one from the same same city the top of the pin could show the number from that city or something to that effect :) any ideas?

if you this is for US only you can use the census gazetteer file http://www.census.gov/geo/www/gazetteer/places2k.html this lists all zip codes with latitiude and longitude. You could then plot the locaitons on a map