quake 3 server responce info



NOTE: this isn't just for quake 3, it's also for any game based on the quake 3 engine; jedi knights, halflife 2, etc..

I recently decided to brush up my skills in the networking/sys admin part of PHP.

I was playing around with fsockopen and to gain more experience with this function and it's associated ones i decided to make a game status system similar to the one All-Seeing Eyehas.

For this theory to be a realistic one, I would need to know what the Quake server is going to respond with when i open up a connection with it and how to parse this info. I've search high and low for details on what the variables are and how to parse them with no luck. I'm wondering if anyone would know of an article or link to this info.

The work I would do will be released open source for any other programmers to play around with and use on their sites.

Spanks in advanced.
This would be for, keeping stats for a clan page, something like that?

I'll look for you, gotta be somewhere :)
I will look for too may be some help full to anyone other too :arrow:
A friend has found this for me:


That's about it so far. More like that but with more detail would be great!

The finalized work can be used by anyone to offer a free server browsing service on their site, or offer server stats for any one or more particular servers that community uses frequently.

It's much needed in my opinion and it's even better open source so people can take this to new heights.