Question about flash and Php.



Good day!

Can any body help me how to embedd the flash and php...any tutorials that you can give to me.

my problem is.... i want to retrive the data from the database to the flash using php.

thanks and God Bless

This is very question.

You want to create a script that shows the mysql data into flash file.

you have to create a php script that generates the xml file.

once you are able to do this you have to create a another script of flash which reads the xml file and display data into flash form.
function processBook(xmlDoc_xml) {
	var cName = new Array;
	for (var n = 0; n<xmlDoc_xml.firstChild.childNodes.length; n++) {
		//read tag o/p: including tag <header>...</header>
		//read the value from tag <header>...</header> o/p: text information
		cName[n] = xmlDoc_xml.firstChild.childNodes[n].firstChild.nodeValue;
	this.companyName.text = cName[0];
	this.Desc.text = cName[1];
	this.Link.text = cName[2];
book_xml = new XML(); //create xml object
book_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
book_xml.load('news.xml'); //load the xml file
book_xml.onLoad = function(success) {
	if (success) {
		processBook(book_xml); //call the function